Friday, July 13, 2018

All Families Need to be Reunited

Many children of immigrants stopped at the border have been reunited with their families.  This is 24 hours after the court ordered deadline to reunite the families.  The Department of Homeland Security has failed to meet the deadline for all families.

It would seem to me that when they planned to take children away from their parents they would have also asked, “What happens when they need to be returned?  What happens when we deport the parents, shouldn’t the kids also go with them?”

But, according to an article on ABC on line:

[Asked if deported parents would see their kids again, officials from the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Health and Human Services told reporters they are under "no obligation to bring people who have no lawful status in this country back into this country for reunification."] (1)

Department of Homeland Security feels no obligation to reunite the children with their parents.  If the parents were being deported, they should have found the children of those parents and deported all of them together.

Now, Homeland Security thinks that they have no obligation to reunite them. (I know I keep repeating it, but it needs to be repeated:  No obligation to reunite.)

In any policing action, and this is a policing action, once the accused is arrested or detained, the arresting agency takes responsibility for the safety, health and wellbeing of the detained.  In this case, both the parents and the children are being detained.  The rules of arrest should apply to both the parents and the children.

[It doesn’t matter whether you are a police officer transporting a prisoner from a street arrest scene, a police officer picking up a prisoner for court, a police officer transporting a sick inmate, a detective taking a prisoner out of lock up to a remote site for an interview, or an airport police officer holding a person for transport, you are now responsible for that prisoner’s “care and wellbeing.”] (2)

What, I ask, could be more important to the wellbeing of an individual then their children when detained?  And, it follows, what could be more important to the children who are separated from their families then the wellbeing of being reunified with their families?

The excuse of having no obligation is a cop out.

What is to happen to these children?  Are they to languish in detention forever?  Will they be placed in a home with a family that wants to adopt them?

Family adoptions by care givers in the United States, so says the Supreme Court by not reviewing a case of family reunification, is okay. (3) (How can an Immigrant Mother Loose Her Child in Court?

This is kidnapping.  (Kid, being the operative word here, and not in jest).

This is also cultural conversion because the Department of Homeland Security thinks the children staying in the United States and being sent, in some cases, to a Christian organization, to watch over them is better then their home country, home culture and their parents. (4)

Here is what needs to change:

  • If families are separated from their children, for any reason, the detaining agency must make plans to reunite the families.  This is to be applied no matter what happens to the parents.

  • Separation at the borders must stop.  While there is an executive order that says that families are not to be separated, I believe it is still happening and needs to stop.

  • ICE needs to be reorganized, not abolished.

  • The legal concept that you have no (or limited) rights at the border, as a citizen, as a legal resident, an immigrant, tourist or any other label, needs to be changed.  While ICE does have the responsibility to render an opinion on the status of the individual, they are merely police.  They are not to be the final judgement of an individual’s right to enter the country.  Only a federal court can make that judgement.

The current administration is overreaching its authority on border security.  Since ICE and the Department of Homeland security can stop, question and arrest anyone within 100 miles of the United States border, this overreaching is providing an authoritarian control over millions of peoples lives and breaking families up.

Monday, July 9, 2018

How Can an Immigrant Mother Loose Her Child in Court?

I can provide hundreds of links to the Republican Party that states they are the party of families.  We all know the mantra of the party.

So, how is it possible that immigration, the courts and the adopted parents can allow a five year old child to be kept away from his mother?

What you say?  Read this link.

From the article, "A Missouri judge ruled the boy should stay with the Missouri couple, Melinda and Seth Moser, who took him into their home five years ago while his mother was in federal custody, where she attempted in vain to oppose the adoption proceedings."

Full disclosure here, I am an adopted child.  I was forcible taken from my mother at birth and given to another family.  The reason for the removal of my mother's parental rights were all lies provided by people that didn't want my mother to raise me.  (Yes, I have documents about the case.  I now know who my mother was and she was not as they said she was.)

In this woman's case, because she did not have proper representation at hearings, she lost her rights.

Shame on immigration for not keeping families together.

Shame on the courts for allowing such a thing to happen.

Shame on the adopted family for not supporting keeping families together.

Shame on you President Trump for allowing this to happen. 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Every Business Serves Everyone

If the baker down the street doesn’t want to serve the entire community, then I should be able to deduct from my taxes the amount that supports his business.

The baker, like any other business in town, receives a lot of services from the community paid for by everyone’s taxes.  Those taxes are local property taxes, real estate transfer taxes, state income tax, federal income tax and plenty of others.  

Some of that revenue is used to provide the baker with street maintenance, paving the roads, sewer system, water, highway system so trucks can deliver goods and services, police and fire protection and so many more services that none of us really notice.

If the baker, or any other business, is going to refuse services to someone then they should be able to deduct from their taxes the amount that he is not being able to fully benefit from as well.  Everyone should be able to benefit from the full promise that was intended when we approved the taxes.

Every business expects that government services will be shared with them no matter what.  Why should we as customers and taxpayers not expect the same thing in return.

Position:  If you operate a business, you must serve all people.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ben Carson needs to treat individuals not machines

Ben Carson, the country’s head of Health and Human Services Department, took a tour of a West Virginia drug rehabilitation facility a few days ago.

After touring the facility, he said, “Our citizens are our most precious resource.  We have to treat them like that.  We have to do everything we can to bring them to their maximum potential, because we only have 330 million people in this country.  We have to compete with countries like China and India with four times that many people.”

He is talking about human beings as if they are just machines.  Machines that are needed to compete against countries that have more machines then we do.  

Therefore, that is the reason that these people need help, to become rehabilitated machines that need to get back on line.

Is there a chance that the people in the facility are not machines?  They are people with real emotions.  They have families, communities and lives to lead that have nothing to do with being a machine.

They should also not be treated like one of 330 million.  But as individuals with distinct personalities that are different then all others.  (By the way, that number includes children.  Are our children also just machines?) 

The Republicans are also talking about individual freedoms.  Then, please step up and treat people as individuals and not a bunch of machines that need to be repaired and get back on line. 

Only then can we help them become clean.

Friday, May 11, 2018

New Style, Faster Turn Around

Events are moving much too fast in this administration.

It makes it difficult to complete a well written blog post before 3, 4 or 5 other events happen that need to be commented on.

Not that I was a great writer in the first place, I am not.

It takes me a long time to write, re-write, correct, source and fact check.

While I will maintain the sourcing and fact checking, I will not write “pretty” essays for now. 

This will be the way it is written from now until things slow down.

Perhaps, solid position statements will be different, but short opinions will be bullet pointed, or, “graphic-novel style”.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Never Again members are Citizens

Politicians and everyday people need to hear this message:
We hear and read that the #NeverAgain movement is a bunch of kids. Students from high schools around the country. The children who survived an attack on their school.
But, no matter how well meaning, when we call them kids, students and children we discount their standing. We segregate them from the main body of people living in the country. We create a sub-category of people filled with less experience, less maturity and naïve children.
But, these people are Citizens.
They are Citizens that have experienced the terror of a war going on around them.
They are Citizens that have watched through much of their lives as follow Citizens die in a war they didn’t want .
So the next time you think of them, think of them not as a sub category of our nation, think of them as follow Citizens. Think of them as we all should when there is a cry for help, show your respect by standing with them as follow Citizens.
Citizens standing together can change the world.

Monday, February 5, 2018

No more Home Depot

Here is what Bernard Marcus, founder of Home Depot, said about Democrats on January 29, 2108 during an interview with Fox News…

"Come on, give me a break, you've got to use your brains. I mean, Democrats, use your stupid brains. You have any stupid brains and don't understand what happens."

Since I am a Democrat, I will not shop at Home Depot again. 

This issue first came to my attention with a MEME on line said that Home Depot doesn’t want Democrats shopping at their stores.  After looking into the matter, I found that it wasn’t anyone that is currently “working” at Home Depot.  I found that it was Marcus.  He is a former founder of the company, former CEO and board member that retired a few years ago.  He currently is worth billions of dollars as documented on Forbe’s list. 

Bernard currently has plenty of influence at Home Depot.  He knows people that run the company on an executive level, he knows board members, I have no doubt his advice is often sought, he owns plenty of stock in the company and is still a major influence on the policies of the company.  As a former employee of Home Depot for a brief period of time, on the inside and at the employee level, he still has a major influence on the company.

I say this because when I called and talked with someone at Home Depot, they said he has left the company.  The person on the phone also said that they don’t comment on anything the former CEO says.  Well, he will never not be a part of Home Depot.  Even after his death, his heirs will still have influence.  So to say he has separate from the company is not a believable statement.
Home Depot doesn’t issue comments about what Marcus says or does because Marcus still has plenty of influence in the company. 

Even if they just want to keep distant from Marcus, they could at least issue a statement on national media that says the view of Bernard Marcus doesn’t reflect the views of Home Depot.
But, they have not and tell me they will not issue a statement on Marcus’ statement, as of this writing. 

Today, in response to finding out about Marcus’ comments, I visited two Home Depots in the area.  In a brief meeting with the floor manager at the time I was there, I told them since I was a Democrat, I would not shop at Home Depot.  After our discussion, I handed them a note card restating my position which included my contact information.

It is suggested that others take similar actions, actions that you are comfortable with.  Perhaps it is like I did in a meeting with a store manager.  Perhaps it is a phone call, an email or other form of communication.  Home Depot and other large corporations that think we should all think the same and support their political agenda need to know that this will not be smart for them to do. 

They already have too much influence in Washington, they need to be curtailed.