Monday, April 19, 2010

Money for Minds that Hate

“If you want money for minds that hate, count me out”. So goes the lyrics to the famous Beatle’s song, Revolution.

A cache of weapons was found in the woods in Clare County as reported in the Oakland Press on line, April 14, 2010. At this moment, it isn’t clear what the weapons were for, but law abiding people don’t stash their weapons in the woods under some old logs.

There was also the arrest of members of a militia group called the Huratee. The FBI accuses them of planning to kill police officers. Then, when others officers came to the funeral, they would kill them. All of this in hope that the killings would cause an uprising.

Also, It has been reported that at least 30 governor’s in the country have received a letter asking (demanding I think it really said, but not sure at this point since I have not seen a letter) them to leave office in three days or they will be removed. If this country was run by some repressive regime that was in power because the military has more arms than the general population, I might say – as the song goes – show me the plan.

But, this is America. As much as you may disagree with the current people in power, we don’t change our government by threats and intimation. Peaceful protest, organizing and voting is the way the government is changed.

In the past dramatic change has occurred by voting. The New Deal, the Civil Rights legislation and the Health Care bill would not have been possible if not for the big shift in voting blocks.

We have a constitution that clearly outlines how change is done. This document provides a plan for changing government that hasn’t failed yet. While a crisis may occasionally arise, we have all worked it out peacefully, with a nod to the civil war.

We have a court system that has managed to stay independent of the other two branches. The Supreme Court in particular has made many important decisions that struck down legislation that was popular at the time, but didn’t square with the Constitution.

But more than any other institution that we have in this country, it is a well developed political culture that is balanced on both sides that will help us. It is our very own American Political DNA that works well. Through history and experience we have well established ways of adjusting the policies of the country.

Let’s move back from the edge just a moment. As a Responsible Community we need to show a little respect for the law and our institutions. If we do, and work within the system for change, “Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right”.

Seems the Beatles knew what they were talking about.

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