Friday, June 4, 2010

Thank you, Clorox

How many corporations are helping make America safe by changing the way they do business? Clorox is by eliminating the use of chlorine gas in all seven of its production plants in the United States. This announcement was made by Greenpeace a few months ago and didn’t receive much media coverage. But, this is a positive move on Clorox’s part in supporting the community.

The change will make the community a much safer place by, first, eliminating the risk of chlorine gas poisoning for over 13 million Americans that live downwind of the seven plants. (Remember Union Carbide’s Bhopal chemical gas release in 1984.) It will also eliminate the risk that is posed by transporting 90 ton rail cars across the country. Finally, it will take Clorox's plants off lists that are targeted by terrorist because of the danger they present.

This makes good business sense as well. By converting to more cost effective and safer chemicals Clorox will operate in a less restrictive regulatory environment. Regulation of chemicals like Chlorine were developed and implemented because of the risk it presents to people and the environment. These regulations were not needed before the chemicals were developed. With most corporations operating in secrecy and using newly developed chemicals that all the dangers they present may not be known, the community has every right to know about their use. This enables individuals to make decisions about where to live and what products to use. These regulations empower the responsible individual.

When this conversion is completed, it will be a safer world from the manufacturing of the products, and the decrease threat of terrorist attack. These are real community solutions to real community concerns.

Thank you, Clorox.

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