Friday, July 9, 2010

Voters should make choices based on policy not on personalities or party

There is the republican that was once accused of stealing cars, not once, but twice. There is the democrat that is a felon that just got out of jail and wants to run for congress. There is a republican commissioner that is a felon and still holding office. There is a democrat that had sex with a campaigner worker – who wasn’t his wife.

When they say things, they will retract or apologize; depending on the response. They will change positions; sometimes it is for the better, sometimes for the worse. Sometimes they outright lie and when caught will say they forgot.

There are parties that think they have all the answers and trip over themselves to point out what is wrong with the other side while their side does the same thing. Parties take positions on the issues for election, but many members of the party don’t adhere to them (of course, not that they really should, but it seems odd that many times we vote for parties when the one we are voting for doesn’t support the positions).

Most of the time there are some just plain good people doing a great job for the community. But, we don’t hear about them because they don’t make news. They labor away in a faint obscurity working to improve the conditions of the people, places and environment in the community.

Do any of them sound familiar? They should because they are the stories we read every day about politicians and political parties from the pages of the news, real people. All of them have supporters and detractors, people that are out after them and others that think they walk on water and really didn’t do those things; good or bad things.

That is why no one should support parties or personalities. When we get mesmerized by a personality, it becomes too easy to take advantage of the believers. Or when we think a party has the answer, the answer is usually much too structured and doesn’t fit into everyday life in every community.

We should all support policy. Personalities and parties create policy to help solve problems that individuals and communities have. If we examine the policy based on the problem and the outcome, then we have a better chance of making the right decision. If we support personalities we run the risk of watching them fail. If we support parties outcomes could be so highly structured that they are inflexible to the wide variety of communities it is suppose to help.

During the day to day activity of government and during this next election cycle, examine the policies that are being discussed. Make a decision based on how those policies will solve a problem.

We will all make better decision.