Monday, August 23, 2010

Show the proof

Candidates in this November’s election all across the state are screaming that the new Tea Party approved by the state of Michigan is a ruse. Many Republican officials and candidates say that the party is a front for the Democratic party to pull votes away from the Republican side of the ticket.

The latest is Mike Bosnic, a Republican running against current Oakland County Commissioner Tim Burns, a Democrat. (1) But the state’s Republican party also made the claim when the party filed with the state. Even Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, who has denounced the Michigan Tea Party as a front for the Democrats, said, “That Tea Party is Democrats who have gone out and pretended to be tea party activists to create their own party…”

It may be so. It is often hard to tell what is going on in politics. Dirty tricks have been part of the profession for a long time, perhaps from the very beginning. (Don’t you just wonder if this stuff happen when the Greek’s started to vote about 2,500 years ago?) Every party has done things that if given the light of day would be embarrassing at best.

But, there is a question about this one. Where’s the proof? If indeed this is a front for the Democrats as Republicans say, then show the proof. Making accusations that can’t be supported is irresponsible. If the Tea Party isn’t “real” and someone has the documents, then come forward. Otherwise, the accusations are merely another dirty trick.

In a survey a few years ago, people were asked who they trusted more, fast food restaurants or politicians. It isn’t surprising that fast food restaurants came out on top. Set aside politicians don’t always vote the way we want on important things in our lives. That can be expected. It is the accusations they make that can’t be supported or are just outright lies that upset people.

Not that anyone should support a candidate just because they tell the truth. Voting for the liberal candidate because he is honest when your values are much more conservative doesn’t make sense. What should be done is that we all call out the candidate to support their statements (and positions as well, it would be nice to know the reasoning behind the politician’s positions also.) Voters should ask when they meet the candidate. Media should demand an answer to the direct questions as opposed to accepting a change the subject answer that politicians are trained to give.

Fast food restaurants know something very clearly, if they promise food that is better than it is, few will return. They need you back every day for many years to come to be successful. It seems that politicians only need to get through the first Tuesday in November. After that, voters don’t get a chance to vote again the next day.

With all of that said, here is the question: Can you prove that the Tea Party of Michigan is a front for the Democratic party? If not, move on.

(1) GOP: Fake tea party candidates targeting local races, The Oakland Press, Charles Crumm, August 19, 2010

(2) Patterson denounces Tea Party Group, The Oakland Press, Charles Crumm, July 16, 2010,


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