Monday, November 1, 2010

Fear and hate in the campaign

This election season has been most fatiguing. Everyone is disgusted with the lack of decorum and reason in the process.

Both sides of the aisle are pursuing a no holds barred campaign that vilifies the opposing candidate. The attack ads illustrate the extreme case scenario of the position with the most horrific pictures of the candidates and the scenario they can find. Many, especially from the extreme right, have taken a very racist position to cast the left in this election as the devil himself.

Reason has been left in the gutter. Not because it has been pushed aside and fell there, but because both sides went to the gutter for their ideas. Arising from the sludge to deliver the messages they found, reason was left because they didn’t have enough arms to carry the crap and still carry reason – just in case they needed it.

People are being detained and hand cuffed. Others are being pulled down and their head stumped as police look on. Violence is beginning to seep into campaigns like sewer water that leaks through a crack in the pipe. If a Hans Brinker doesn’t find his way to the crack, more sewer will surely break through. Is it so hard to believe that with open carry laws that gun fire will find its way into the fight?

Money and hate are driving this. An unrestrained, if not hesitant this time through, flow of cash to those that hate have done all the research. The research was not on seeking the truth but on how to fire up the extremes with the sharpest rhetoric. Focus groups, surveys and observation has instructed the creators of the campaign slogans and hate ads of how to strike deep into the darkest fears of likely voters.

This is the reason this blog has not taken a position on candidates, because it isn’t the men and women that are running for office that is important. It is ideas and reason that we should examine. But, we can’t find it because slander and hate has blocked the view. Reason, at least this time around, has no place in the process. Bring up an idea that may work and ask for each side to discuss it and the extreme positions of both will come out immediately.

Those that develop and create the ads that spread hate and fear think it works. They have built an environment where the extreme has become so institutionalized that to propose ideas from a position of reason seems suicidal. If they carve out a reasoned and thoughtful position, it will be destroyed by fear and hate.

Beware, because the destruction of every culture has been driven not by reason but by fear and hate.


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  1. Morris, again with an attack on open carry rights?

    BTW, flashing back to your previous anti-public forum speech rights rants, see recent Federal Circuit Court case affirming what everyone should know - that the police cannot enforce restrictions on speech and meetings in parks by individuals and small groups: n