Friday, October 29, 2010

Muslims do condem calls for jihad

To those that claim that Muslims are not denouncing the actions of extreme Muslims in their calls for Jihad… bunk!

Recently in a video, Adam Gadahn, an al-Qaida spokesman, encouraged Muslim living in the “miserable suburbs” of Paris, London and Detroit to take action. In the 48 minute video, Gadahn asks Muslims to plan local acts of jihad (as is used in this context, nothing more than criminal activity) as a matter of duty to their faith.

The 32 year old Adam Gadahn, born Adam Pearlman in Oregon, converted to Islam and set off for Pakistan in 1998. He is wanted by the FBI and is the first American to be indicted for treason since 1952.

How are the Muslims in Detroit (Dearborn) reacting? The publisher of the local Arab American Newspaper, Osama Siblani, says that Gadahn, “ is already receiving much more attention than he deserves.”

“This is a nutcase,” Siblani says. "I think that everyone in our community listened to this and laughed. People here are concerned about their well-being, the economic situation, putting their kids in school and bread on the table. ...They don't have time for this sick mentality from someone who dreams up something overnight."

The executive director of the Michigan chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations, Dawud Walid, was also quick to denounce the video. He told the Associated Press that, "I see little to no chance of such sentiment taking root in metropolitan Detroit. ...We're not a group of people who feel powerless," Walid said. "If any Muslim community has grown in civic engagement and empowerment, it would be this community. He invoked the wrong population to try and stir up."

With every episode of terrorism, or calls for it as in this case, the Muslim community does react negatively to the call for action. But the press in American either doesn’t report it, or it is a secondary story buried on the website or in the paper. The people that are the most fervently about Muslims report that the Muslim community doesn’t respond, and everyone believes them.

Sablani stated the clear issue with all of this. He says that the Muslim community is no different than every other community in America. They are more concerned about everyday issues like feeding their families and keeping their kids in school. They don’t have time to get involved in the sick calls for violence against anyone.

That sounds like mainstream America to me.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Climate change final

Who could possibly believe that climate change is a result of human activity on earth? There are arguments presented on both sides of the issue. But, over the last three blog posts we have explored the effect humans have on the environment by using fossil fuel for our primary energy source. When the simple and practical evidence is examined, it is clear that humans are affecting the climate.

What action should a Responsible Community take?

As a culture we like to think of ourselves as self reliant. If that has any meaning, it is that we depend on ourselves to take care of our needs and don’t leave others to clean up the mess.

Many conservatives in this current political cycle are complaining about the high level of debt that the country is facing. It is said that the debt will have to be paid off by our children and grandchildren because we won’t be able to in our own time. To hand our children a large debt would be wrong for our community to do.

Another example of our belief in self reliance related to the national debt is that most of us live within our means. Each month we have a budget, reducing our spending when our income falls and increasing our savings when our income is good.

If we believe in self reliance like we say, then that should also apply to the environment. Our energy usage should not deplete the available resources and should be consumed in such a way that it doesn’t have a detrimental effect on the environment. To leave a future generation without resources and an environment that makes it harder to survive would clearly be wrong.

Sustainability is a concept born of self reliance. To use no more than can be replaced in our own generation is self reliance defined. By consuming a thousand year’s worth of energy in one year and releasing more carbon than the environment can absorb is not self reliance. It is leaving our children a mess that they will not be able to be clean up in their own generation. It is one that will take many more generations to clean up, if it can be at all.

Our values, our way of life and our laws must encourage, and force if necessary, our culture, the entire human race for that matter, to a sustainable life style.

This is the responsible thing to do.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Climate change can't possibly be happening, part three

Who could possibly believe that climate change is a result of human activity on earth? Many people are in denial or don’t want to address the issue, including all 20 republicans running for the senate.

With all the seemingly convincing arguments about climate change on both sides, it can become a confusing issue. Have you ever tried to read a scientific paper on climate change? It can be daunting for most of us.

So, in the last two blog post, the practical side of climate change and its causes have been explored. In the first blog post, “Climate change can’t possibly be happening”, the issue of using fossil fuels was explored. In conclusion, humans are using a thousand years’ worth of stored carbon each year for our energy use. That is much more carbon being released than the environment can absorb, even when you include the oceans.

In the next blog post, “Climate change can’t possibly be happening, part two”, the issue of rising carbon levels and what affect carbon has on the world’s weather. Carbon levels in the atmosphere have been rising for the last 60 years. The levels are the highest they have been in 17,000 years. With all that carbon in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, the clear molecule is allowing light from the sun to strike the earth but is keeping the heat generated by the sun light in.

In a practical approach to climate change it is fair to ask if the average temperature of earth’s atmosphere is rising with all the release of carbon? The answer is a resounding, yes!

According the NASA, the average temperature has been on an upward trend since the 1880’s.  When you look at a global picture of rising temperatures, you find that the only place that hasn’t experience a rise in temperature is a small part of the south arctic region.

This rise in temperature can also have a accelerating effect. With the average temperature of earth’s atmosphere on the rise, more snow melt will happen. Not only on the North and South Pole, but also glaciers around the world and less snow accumulation during the winter. Snow and ice reflect light back into space. This keeps the light from being absorbed by the earth. When there is less snow, more sunlight will heat the earth.

So how does this relate to the policies of a Responsible Community? In the next and final post of climate change, the response of the community will be explored.