Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pontiac Promise Zone brings hope to a community

Without detailing study after study, educated people earn more money, they have less children and make better decisions in the market place and in the voting booth. Families that make education and lifelong learning their primary focus are functional and healthy. They have less issues with abuse. Communities that are populated by educated people have less crime and less blight. Communities with high education levels replicate themselves.

When one part of the complete quadrangle of education fails, the other parts must work twice as hard to be successful. The student, the family, the institution and the community must work equally as hard and work together for an education system to succeed.

That is why the Pontiac Promise Zone that was announced last month is so important.

The people who suffer the most from a community that has failed are the students. But, even in tough situations, if the individual student and his or her family can see the proverbial light at graduation from high school, they will feel a sense of hope. If they make the effort to graduate, they know they will be able to go on to college. The Pontiac Promise Zone brings hope to thousands of children for many generations.

Let’s us all applaud the Pontiac Promise Zone and all those that have worked so hard to bring it to the community. This is a brilliant example of a community drawing together to build a better future.


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