Thursday, June 2, 2011

We must build

The election cycle is coming around again. Next year, a presidential election will be held in November and the candidates are already lining up. They all have a lot to say about the role of government in our community. Unless we understand what we expect out of ourselves and our community, we will not be able to judge the candidates and their positions.

The Responsible Community has been exploring the four pillars of any successful community. They are to protect, educate, innovate and build. Over the last three blogs we examined protect, educate and innovate.

Successful communities build. They build cars, consumer products, houses, schools and many other things. The creation of capital, the skills developed and the income generated by building things has a long term positive effect on any community.

Capital to make the investment to build can come from all over the world. Once the money has been invested, is more than likely to stay.

The skills to plan, build a factory and then to ultimately make the product have beneficial effects on the citizens of a community. These skills are a community resource in themselves. They will attract more investment interested in utilizing the skills necessary to build more.

Additionally, products made in a community are usually sent all over the country if not the world. This increases the amount of income well beyond what the community could create on its own. These jobs also demand much higher wages than are generated in the service sector.

Successful communities build things. A community should do everything it can to develop its manufacturing center.


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