Thursday, March 1, 2012

Small business owners say it isn't regulations that's bad

What regulations are holding back job creation?  Don’t you wonder what regulations are preventing businesses from hiring people? 
All the Republican candidates are talking about regulations.  They say that the reason businesses aren’t hiring people is because of regulations.
With all this talk, changing regulations must be a top priority for businesses in America.  John Arensmeyer, founder and CEO of Small Business Majority says it isn’t so.
“Despite the heated rhetoric, regulations simply aren’t small businesses’ top concern,” Arensmeyer said on the release of a survey of small business owners.  "Small businesses can be the jobs engine we need to jumpstart the economy, but not if legislators are focusing on something that isn't their top problem. Policymakers should listen to what real small businesses are saying and act accordingly."
The survey of small business owners across the country was sponsored by Arensmeyer’s group, Main Street Alliance and The American Sustainable Business Council.  The three groups are focused on small business in America.
In the survey, only 14% thought that regulations were in the way of their overall operations.  Most believe that without fair regulations creating a level playing field, small business won’t be able to compete with large corporations.
“From our perspective, the effort to kill regulations is big business’ way of rigging the game in their favor,” said Frank Knapp, Jr., Vice Chair of the American Sustainable Business Council and president and CEO of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce.
What is the number one job killer according to small businesses?  24% said moving jobs overseas.  Regulations are fifth on the list with only 10% saying regulations stopped them from creating jobs.
Here are a few more things that small businesses are concerned about:
78% believe that to protect small businesses there needs to be standards.

93% said they can live with fair regulations
80% supported product safety standards and disclosure and regulation of toxic materials.

The business people on the front lines that are struggling the most in this recession are saying that regulations are not the biggest problem.  So, as voters, let’s ask politicians to talk about what really matters, getting people back to work.