Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Romney will not be able to control the agenda

In the last post, I suggest that Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, is not strong enough to hold back the extreme conservative agenda.  As if custom made, the Todd Akin issue offers proof of my case.  While the issue is much deeper than just Todd Atkin’s comments on Fox News, Romney was not able to get Atkin to back down for the best of the party (and the country for that matter.)

Atkin is just one of the extreme conservative representatives and senators that will be running the government if Romney wins.

Oh, and more on Atkin and the abortion issue in the next post.

Monday, August 20, 2012

More concerned with the right than with Romney

Romney’s problem with the Responsible Community isn’t so much his stance on the issues, we all know them. (well, we know them today, perhaps they will change tomorrow.)  He is against abortion, medical marijuana, wants less restrictions on guns, less restrictions on the financial industry, he will change Medicare in ways that will harm the coverage for some in the short term and many in the long and says he will do away with the health care act.

The problem is the unknowns.  If Romney wins in the fall, he will bring with him a Republican majority in the senate and the house will maintain its majority.  This will empower Romney to enact many of his proposals for the economy and the culture.

But, it will not stop there.

If Romney wins the Presidency and sweeps in Republicans, they will be controlled by the Tea Party or the extreme right.  Evidence of this is the amount of Republicans that are winning in the primaries right now that are supported by the Tea Party and other conservative groups.  Many of these individuals do not understand running on the right as a position and governing from the center.

Every extreme idea will be built into almost every piece of legislation that passes.  Even if the riders have nothing to do with the original bill.  Romney, someone who has switched positions on almost every issue, will be powerless to stop them.  Not because they will such a strong force, of which they will of course, but because he will be weak to stand up to them.  He will want to run for a second term and will need their support.

That would not be bad for those that agree with the positions that Romney holds in the first paragraph.  But, you have to ask yourself, how far right are you willing to go?