Monday, July 18, 2016

Supporting Constitutional rights must be consistent

Conservatives in this country have unflagging support of gun rights.  They all lean on the constitution as guaranteeing that right.  It seems that no matter the situation, people should have the right to openly carry guns. 

For those of us that support reasonable gun control laws, we are vilified for expressing our point of view.  The Constitution is waved in our faces like it is some kind of stone table sent by God himself.  The Constitution has rights expressed in it and any suggestions that we violate those rights is sacrilege.

My personal view of Constitution is a complicated issue.  I do believe that is some form, the Constitution does guarantee citizens of the United States the right to own guns.  This right was not meant to be blindly followed as is with all other rights.    

The issue of gun rights has gone so far as the Governor of Ohio, John Kasich saying he has no authority to suspend the open carry law in the state for the Republican convention.  It is a matter of state and federal constitutional guarantees.  This after a request from law enforcement no less, asked him to.  Kasich, like most conservatives, believe that no matter the situation, people have the right to pack a 6 gun, or an AK47 with a huge magazine.

But, when it comes to other rights in the Constitution, they don’t so strongly support.  Take, for example, innocent until proven guilty.  While those words are not mentioned specifically in the Constitution, it is clear from a reading of the document, especially about due process, that people are not to be held accountable unless due process has taken place. 

Well, in the case of Hillary Clinton, due process has taken place.  The FBI investigated Clinton, and did not find grounds to prosecute the would be president.  But many conservative members of Congress have tried every maneuver to change that decision by the Director of the FBI.  They went as far as asking that when she is nominated to the run for president by her party she should not be briefed on national security issues like every other presidential nominee has been for centuries.  The reasoning?  That to allow Clinton to be briefed it would present a clear and present danger to our national security.

The reasoning may or may not be true.  But, given the situation in the country right now and the approaching Republican and Democratic conventions, not suspending the open carry law for a few days in a specific area of Cleveland I think presents a greater danger than security briefs to the presidential candidates. 

Think about it.  If I was someone who was plotting with others to reign terror down on the Republican Convention for nominating a candidate that wants to ban Muslims from coming to this country what would I do?  I am not even able to write the words that I am thinking, but I think you know what I mean.  

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