Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The choice is clear

This upcoming presidential election is reinforcing a strong belief that The Responsible Community should not support a personality for the office.  The Community should vote for the issues that best serve the Community.

If the Community was to support a candidate, there would be such trouble.  While no personality is perfect, (Obama is close for me) both are so far off of perfect that they wouldn’t even make the top ten or twenty. 

Hillary Clinton has made so many just pure dumb mistakes in her career that it amazes me.  At the very beginning of her introduction to American politics as first lady, she was under fire.  I don’t know about you, but if I knew people where keeping a very close eye on me, I would do everything close to the book. 

As for Donald Trump, he is the dark side of America.  He uses the people and their thinking of every dark, evil corner to advance his own self.  What is worse, I think, he is not only using the dark side, he also believes in much of it.

So picking the worse of two evils is what many people think this election is all about.  But, if we take the focus off the personalities and look at the parties and their differences, we would get a better picture of how to vote.

There is what is commonly called the left and the right.  On the left we have abortion rights, LBGT rights, marriage equity, religious freedom without religious bigotry, we may have a chance of a strong national health care system, support of unions, a taxation policy that rewards real work and an education system that works for every deserving student.

On the right, we have no abortion rights, no marriage equity, religious bigotry, a gun policy that is out of control, anti-union policies, a return to pure market driven health care, taxation that rewards those that don’t work and an education system that returns to the fifties when only the elite went to school.

During presidential elections, it isn’t just the winner, it is the effect it has on the down ticket candidates.  In many cases, but not all, the winning party improves their standing in the house and the senate. 

With that in mind, if Clinton wins the election, it is likely that more seats will be filled in the house and senate with those that support the issues on the left.  If Trump wins, more seats will be filled by those that support the issue on the right.

To me, it is a simple choice to vote for Clinton.  Not because I support the candidate, but because I support the position that her party takes on the issues that are important to me.