Thursday, June 1, 2017

It is Going to Be Right for a While

Today, I have empathy for my conservative friends.  That empathy springs not from what is happening today, but for what has happened over the last 50 years.  The United States for the most part has been moving left.  The conservatives must have been dishearten, challenged and downright bitter that things weren’t going their way.  Now, I can say, my feelings are about the same.  They, of course, must be gleeful.

The country is taking the sharpest of turns to the right.  We are speeding along a highway to get as far right as possible to both make up for lost time and to be as far right as possible when the left takes over again.  (Which I think it is going to be right for a while.)  I have become very dishearten since the last presidential election about the direction of the country and its relationship in the world.  President Trump is keeping aim on his core consistency, which seems to be holding its support for the president, with every policy decision he makes and is not concerned with those that are negatively affected. 

President Trump pulling out of the Paris climate change agreement was what sent me over the edge. (1)  There is a climate problem and we humans are both causing it and making it worse.  The effects of the problem will be severe in the very near future and far reaching for human existence.  If you think there isn’t a problem or that humans aren’t causing it, please read the blog posts about climate listed as 3, 4, 5 and 6 below.   

President Trump is getting all the focus, but he is not really the leader (2) of all this change.  He did win the election with a majority of the Electoral College.  Like the college or not, that does mean that he had the backing of the local, state and national elected officials.  So, the “leadership” he is taking credit for is more like marching orders from his core voters and from the new right in the country.  

Trump is but a side bar to a new right guard that has taken over.  This right guard believes in a social evolutionary environment where a core established tier of anti-government collective is deeply concerned about holding on to their own.  In fact, they are more concerned about holding on to their wealth, (and gaining more) then they are for the environment or those that are not among them in the same social-economic status.

If you do not believe in this anti-government collective read the book Dark Money by Jane Mayer.  (7)  It details how since the 50’s a small group of very wealthy people have kicked and scream about governmental rules that are meant to protect everyone, but most importantly the disadvantaged and powerless.  (I tried to find a simple word that meant, “citizens with little power” but could not find one better other than powerless.)

The country is returning to an elitist entitlement environment.  If there isn’t a fire wall established, we will see the destruction of a way of life – and I don’t mean creative destruction. 

(1)    “We are getting out” of Paris Climate Accord
(2)    Leadership defined

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